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By Endorphin - October 4, 2022

The Ultimate Warrior Challenge & PRIZES!! • SoBo Grand Opening - Thank You! • Early Morning Classes • Winter is Coming

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The Ultimate Warrior Challenge

October 1st - 31st


It's back and there's still time to sign up! Complete 25 workouts in the month of October and win some awesome prizes! There's nothing to lose, so you might as well give it a shot. 


Take a photo of your workout/with your instructor and tag us on Instagram!


@endorphin_denver (Denver Locations)

@endorphin_eagle (Mountain Location)




Rules & Guidelines


25 workouts* in the month of October makes you an Ultimate Warrior
Must attend 3 classes in every offered discipline:
Fusion Classes (Warriors, Ryde Ass & Abs, Ryde & Sculpt)
HIIT (HIIT, Dirty 30, Ass & Abs, Kinesis, Boxing/Kickboxing, Kettlebell, Bootcamp)
Strength (Endo Iron, Shreds, HIIT/Strength)
Barre (Barre, Sculpt, Pilates Mat, Ryde & Barre)
Yoga/Foundation Training/Meditation

Open gym members must log 25 total workouts and 4 group fitness classes ($20 entry fee)


Virtual classes count *due to limited schedule offerings or those who may be traveling this month - every workout counts - must show proof of workout outside of class attendance (runs, bike rides, etc)
Final 7 classes are your choice!


Must attend classes with 8 different instructors


No double days



SoBo Grand Opening Warriors (09/29) - Any Category

SoBo Grand Opening Happy Hour (09/29) - Any Category

Stink n Drink (11/04) - Any Category



Deadlift Competition (10/29) - Strength Category 

Thriller (10/26) - Barre Category 


Free for Unlimited and Intro Month members!


$20 entry fee for Gym Only members, 4x month, 8x month, and ClassPass (YES YOU GET AN UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP FOR $20)


Sign up deadline 10/06


Sign Up Today


Ultimate Warrior Challenge PRIZES

New Prizes Announced Every Week


Those who have signed up for the challenge will receive text messages once a week announcing a new prize that we will be competing for. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be in the know! 


Here's the deal, if you sign up (that's it, just signing up gets you something) you win a sticker!

If you complete the challenge you win a dope water bottle to put your sticker on!

All finishers will be entered into a raffle for various prizes (you will be required to fill out a finisher form at the end of the month to be entered into the raffle).


The first prize we're going to announce is......drumroll please.......



(Yes, you will pay $74.50 for an entire YEAR of unlimited classes and access to all of our locations!)


Stay tuned, more prizes will be announced throughout the challenge. 



SoBo Grand Reopening & Reunion

Thank You!


Thank you to everyone who came out for the SoBo Grand Reopening and Reunion! We had a blast and are constantly reminded of what a wonderful community of members we truly have. We wouldn't be here without you, we so genuinely thank you for your support!


Another huge thank you to everyone who made this night possible! To our team who worked day and night, the amount of support and hard work that went into this is unreal. You know who you are, and we could not have done this without you. Thank you!!!!!



Thank You Mel!

The Man Behind the Camera


Thank you Mel for the amazing photos you've been capturing. He is our new photographer and he's delivering the content of our dreams. If you see him in class, flash him a smile then get back to work (he really prefers the action shots and has stated "no smiling at the camera", but it doesn't hurt to sneak in a smile or two!)


Mel is a frequent City Park member so give him a high five next time you see him for all of his hard work and great shots!


Early Risers

We Have Classes For YOU at Central Park


Newly updated, we have class offerings before 6am at our Central Park studio EVERY WEEKDAY! Yes, you read that right. Start your morning off right with class times beginning between 5:00 - 5:30am Monday - Friday. Our Central Park studio has two showers as well, so you can head to the office right from the gym!



Winter is Coming...

Carry your extra shoes with you!


We love seeing your winter boots and non-gym shoes! Please check the weather before coming to class and plan accordingly by bringing an extra pair of shoes with you to help keep our studios clean. Who knows, we may start incorporating mopping into our workouts...word is that could be worse than burpees.

Thank you!

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