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What Level of Fitness Are You?

Knowing your limit, and training to push beyond it

By Endorphin - May 3, 2023

One of the things I love about Endorphin is that we are inclusive to all levels of fitness.

So how do we accommodate you? And how do you know where you are in this moment of life?

Cardiovascular level?

Well no matter who comes in that door we will want to understand your cardiorespiratory fitness. Are you quick to lose your breath, and in a base training level of fitness?  Or are you working on efficiency, endurance training for upcoming races, or even power training where your goal is to be anaerobic often during your time at the gym?

Functional Strength?

When it comes to functional training and strength or your ability to use strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility that can vary person by person.  Some are still perfecting their form for lunges and others may be recovering from a recent surgery and injury and trying to recover that old body strength. Or you may be training for a weekly aerial performance. Some of us are focused on stability and mobility, load training and a good few on performance, like those of our members who compete in lifting competitions or aerial dance performances.

How do we handle this at Endorphin?  

First we love the timer, timed rounds let everyone work at their own pace. And similarly the AMRAP (As Many Rounds Possible) lets those who are pushing for endurance and with a high level cardiovascular fitness double the number of rounds compared to the rest of us (or the last time they did a similar AMRAP cause it really is you against you).

Those who asked for bonus rounds? We got you. Who asked for a low impact option or an extra weight for load? We got you.  And who does not ask for anything extra, yet we know you can do them…. We GOT YOU!

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, Endorphin can train you at the level you desire. Not to mention the amazing communal environment we have where we can all be inspired by those around us for staying with it, getting started, and pushing the limits. 

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