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What Makes Us Different?

By Endorphin- October 8, 2021

Picture this, you step foot into a brand new gym you've never been to before. You scan the room, getting yourself acquainted with the layout of the space:

Bathrooms, check.
Water station, check. 
Squat rack, check. 
Free weights, check.
Cardio machines, check.
Not sure what that machine in the corner does, but, check. 

No frills, but all of the necessary tools and equipment to get in a solid workout, either solo or in a group class.

So what makes us different? Simple, it's the community. The community that we've built over years of hard work, lots of sweat (like so much sweat), tears (definitely tears, who are we kidding), laughs (probably/hopefully more than the tears), and defining moments in between that bond us together and makes this community so incredibly unique. It's the way instructors engage with you, remembering you after attending one of their classes like 8 months ago (seriously it's kind of freaky how good their memory is....), celebrating your victories and investing in your journey every time you step through that door. It's the people, man who would we be without our members? It's the individuals that come from all walks of life, with different stories, different opinions, different ages, different demographics, differences all across the board. The individuals who all come together in one space, who share the accomplishments of a Chris Lindley or Scott Noble beatdown, strangers on the outside but a team when they come through that door. 

You may think you're signing up for a gym, but you're really on a journey to change your life. Invest in a community that will hold you up when you're down, get you through that breakup, motivate you toward your personal fitness and lifestyle goals, and always knowing with complete certainty that you'll be greeted by a group of badass people every time you step through that door. You simply cannot buy what we have, and we promise you will not find it at another gym. So come for the workout, but stay for the purpose, journey, and community. 
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